Thursday, May 9, 2013

Minnesota Half Marathons Grow to Over 50 Half Marathons for 2013 ....

Over the past year or so, a couple half marathons were discontinued in Minnesota, but a few were also added, making the new count for 2013 appearing to have grown to a total of 51 half marathons for the 2013 year.  Thirteen of the 51 half marathons already took place, and 2014 event dates are beginning to roll in already!

While Minnesota has had some unusual weather this year, it doesn't seem to stop the Minnesotan runners from the high attendance at races, nor does it stop them from running January and February races in the heart of winter!  Minnesota also has a great distance running organization, Minnesota Distance Running Association (MDRA), with over 2400 members, a club that would be a great organization for other cities to utilize as an excellent model, with their fabulous running event planning book they send out annually, newsletters, and great running groups.

Surprisingly, Minnesota doesn't have a lot of trail half marathons yet, but with the growing popularity of trail running, I wouldn't be surprised if more of those start to pop up over the next year or so.  The Wild Duluth Trail Half Marathon in October looks fantastic, for any of you trail running enthusiasts.

Looking for a great recommendation for a Minnesota Fall 2013 half marathon?  If you love country music, Gear Western Half Marathon is a MUST do in October!  Gear Western Half is a Country themed race featuring LIVE country music, one of the best half marathon post race parties in Minnesota with a post race cook-out, long sleeve shirt to all finishers and a sweet cowboy hat!  This years post race country music singer is Nashville songwriter, guitarist and producer, Jeff Dayton, "who has proven himself a versatile musician, writer and artist on his tours with Kenny Chesney, Glen Campbell and songs with George Strait and Sarah Darling, producing Buck Owens and more."

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